Wednesday, 11 September 2013

We Remember: Project 2996

The anniversary of 9/11 is something we all wish didn't exist, but to be able to take something productive out of it and give a tribute to each victim is a blessing and ensures they will not be forgotten. To participate please go to

I specifically chose somebody who was the same gender and a similar age to me because I thought it would affect me more, and I was right. What a horrible tragedy, to lose such a beautiful young woman with such a promising life ahead of her.

Alysia Basmajian 

Born 1978 (approx)
Died September 11th 2001

Alysia  and her husband Anthony were both students at the College of William and Mary, in Virginia. They both studied accounting and graduated in the year 2000, before becoming married.. They moved to New Jersey in August, 2001. They had one daughter, Kayla (now 13). At the time of the attacks Alysia was working as an accountant at Cantor Fitzgerald in the high floors of the North tower. By all accounts, she was a strong, happy, and fun-loving mother, wife and friend.

While researching for this blog post I found this amazing article, here.
It seems that when building their 9/11 memorial, Cantor Fitzgerald placed the names of close friends and co-workers beside each-other, instead of arranging them alphabetically. I thought this was very sweet. The memorial even includes the nephew of an employee who worked nearby. I was unable to find where Alysias name is listed, but I hope it's with friends.

God bless.

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